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Trenchless Installation

Installing an irrigation system does not need to disrupt the beauty of your lawn. Traditional or Do-It-Yourself installation requires digging trenches for each waterline. This is not only time consuming, it also leaves behind unsightly lines that will need to be reseeded.

Automatic Rain Irrigation’s Trenchless Underground Irrigation System slices through your sod and lays the pipe simultaneously. Upon completion of your project, we simply stamp your sod back into place. Healthy lawns will quickly heal, leaving virtually no sign of our work.

Prior to sod being laid, the trenchless irrigation system leaves your yard virtually undisturbed. Sod can be laid directly on top of the “trenches” without any leveling required.

For more information about Automatic Rain Irrigation’s Trenchless Underground Irrigation System, please call our office at 859.268.4214.