Back Flow Testing

Back flow means the reversal of water flow from its normal or intended direction of flow. Whenever a water utility connects a customer to the utility’s distribution system, the intention is for the water to flow from the distribution system to the customer.
However, the flow of water could be reversed from the customer back into the distribution system. If cross-connections exist within the customer’s plumbing system when back flow occurs, then it is possible to contaminate the public water supply.
Many counties and states require that a back flow test be conducted every year to insure safety. Automatic Rain Irrigation performs these test and submits the reports to the appropriate government divisions for all of our clients.
Backflow prevention devises are required by city municipalities to ensure a pure water supply. Maintaining water pressure ensures your water supply will reach each faucet in your home. If the pressure of the water is reduced due to line breakage or increased demand, the direction of the water flow could change, contaminating the main water supply.
Properly functioning back plow devises prevent water from flowing back into the main water supply. Your local water company is responsible to regulate these devises. Each year, they require a certified technician to perform a back flow test and send the results to them.