Irrigation Installation

Dragging your hose is time-consuming and inefficient. Installing an irrigation system will ensure your yard is watered regularly and properly. Your yard can be watered even when you are away or your schedule doesn’t permit regular watering. Additionally, most customers report a decrease in water usage because of the increased efficiency. This is possible because each area of your yard is calibrated to receive just enough water.


· Beautiful Landscaping – There is no better way to have gorgeous flowers and lush green grass than installing an irrigation system.

· Save time – No more dragging your hose around the yard! Water your yard even when you are away from home.

· Water Evenly – Your irrigation system will be perfectly calibrated to water your lawn, landscaping, and containers equally. No more brown spots in your yard or watering of your driveway.

· Save Money – Efficient, scheduled watering can actually decrease your water bill. Set your irrigation controller to water only when needed to avoid overwatering or accidentally leaving the hose on too long. Installing a rain sensor will even turn off your system automatically during wet periods.


Automatic Rain Irrigation only installs custom irrigation systems, designed to suit your individual needs and budget. Please call our office at 859.268.4214 for a free quote. Beyond installation expenses, please consider these on-going costs.

· Watering Costs – If you are currently hand-watering your yard, landscaping, or containers, you will most likely not see an increase in your water bill. In fact, most customers will see a slight decrease due to the increased efficiency of watering. If you are not currently watering your lawn, landscaping, or containers (or are not watering all areas your new irrigation system covers), you may notice an increase. Please contact your water company for rates.

· Back Flow Testing – Most water municipalities require an annual backflow test to be performed by a licensed technician. Automatic Rain Irrigation can complete this for you as part of your Spring Start Up.

· Repairs – Like any investment, an irrigation system will require regular repairs to keep it in top running order. Annual costs will vary based on usage. Each spring as part of Automatic Rain Irrigations Spring Start Up service, our technician will thoroughly look through your system for any concerns.

· Winterization – Irrigation systems need to be properly shut down every year to ensure there is no water left in the pipes that can freeze over winter. Automatic Rain Irrigation can Winterize your system for you in late fall.

Installing an irrigation system does not need to disrupt the beauty of your lawn. Read more about our Trenchless Irrigation Installation System.