Enhance Curb Appeal

with Automatic Outdoor Lighting!


Automatic Rain installed outdoor lighting for me and it’s beautiful! Their sales rep was so helpful and friendly and they got the job done very promptly for a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them!

Julie N.

Lexington, KY


Maintenance Program

Buy now and save $50 on a Lighting Maintenance Program


New Lighting System

Buy now and get $250 off a new Outdoor Lighting System plus a free one year maintenance program


Outdoor lighting can provide several benefits, such as increased safety and security, improved visibility and walkability, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Outdoor lighting can deter crime by illuminating dark areas and making it easier to see potential intruders. It can also make it safer for people to walk or drive in the area by illuminating pathways, sidewalks, and streets. Additionally, outdoor lighting can be used to highlight architectural features or landscaping, creating a more visually pleasing environment.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

-Enhances Curb Appeal

-Increases Security

-Accents the Unique Features of your Home or Landscape

-Adds Value to your Property

-Affordable & Customizable to meet your Budget

-Safe Low Voltage LED System


I had new landscape lighting installed. They met with me and discussed my needs. They did not push more on me than I wanted. They did the work the day after I accepted their price. The work was better than anticipated. The team was enjoyable to work with. The job was done efficiently and I am completely satisfied.

Harding D.

Lexington, KY


Protect your lighting investment with a preventative maintenance program to keep your system running for years to come

Regular maintenance to your landscape lighting system is essential to ensure your lights are working and looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. To ensure your lighting system is performing it's best, we offer a semi-annual maintenance program so you won't have to worry about requesting service. Each spring and fall, our service technician will perform a full inspection of your system. We strongly recommend our maintenance program to protect the beauty and functionality of your low voltage lighting system.


  • Semi-Annual Visit - Each spring and fall, our service technician will perform a full inspection of your system

  • Bulb Replacement - Inspect each lamp & replace faulty LED bulbs. For bulbs under warranty, there will be no additional charge for the replacement

  • Fixture Adjustments - Reposition fixtures to accommodate changes in landscape. Adjust and straighten fixtures that have been bumped or buried. If necessary, trim plants that are obstructing the light

  • Service Lights - Clean fixtures and lenses. Over time a film can develop on the lens that will need to be cleaned for better optimization

  • Lighting Wire - Ensure all lighting wires are buried and re-bury if needed

  • Transformer Inspection - Check voltage and ensure connections at the tap are cleaned of debris or insects

  • Timer / Photocell Check - Adjust timer for optimum energy savings and reset for daylight savings if necessary. If applicable, photocells will be cleaned and tested

  • Repair Estimate- Our technician will carefully and thoroughly inspect your lighting system to ensure it's working properly. They will adjust fixtures and replace bulbs as needed, but will create a proposal for defective light fixtures, transformers, timers and photocells that need to be replaced. Recommendations to improve the lighting system will also be added to the proposal.



With over 25 years of experience in the irrigation industry. Automatic Rain Systems prides itself with the efficiency and quality of craftsmanship that goes into every irrigation we install. We feel that there’s ONLY one way to install an irrigation system and that’s the RIGHT way the first time! We are big on customer service and we value each of our customers like family. Our name and our reputation are attached to every system we install and maintain. Therefore, we aren’t happy until our customers are happy! We’d like to think this separates us from our competition and at the end the day will help you choose us for your irrigation needs.


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