Why You’ll Love Getting Irrigation Services with Automatic Rain

Discover the unparalleled benefits of choosing Automatic Rain for all your irrigation needs. With our comprehensive irrigation services, we ensure your system operates flawlessly, saving you time, effort, and resources. Whether it’s preparing your system for the growing season, protecting it from winter’s harsh conditions, or expertly repairing any issues, we’ve got you covered. Trust in our commitment to excellence and let us enhance the efficiency and longevity of your irrigation system, allowing you to enjoy a lush, vibrant landscape all year round.

Irrigation Services:

Lawn Care

With Automatic Rain, your yard is always at the top of it’s game

Elevate the beauty and health of your yard to new heights with Automatic Rain’s exceptional services. Our expertise in fertilization ensures your lawn receives the essential nutrients it needs for lush, vibrant growth. Say goodbye to stubborn weeds with our effective weed control solutions, allowing your yard to showcase its true potential. Protect your lawn from destructive grubs with our specialized control methods, preserving its pristine condition. Experience the transformative power of aeration and overseeding, rejuvenating your turf and promoting stronger, thicker grass.

Lawn Care Services:

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance Curb Appeal with Automatic Outdoor Lighting!

Outdoor lighting can provide several benefits, such as increased safety and security, improved visibility and walkability, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Outdoor lighting can deter crime by illuminating dark areas and making it easier to see potential intruders. It can also make it safer for people to walk or drive in the area by illuminating pathways, sidewalks, and streets. Additionally, outdoor lighting can be used to highlight architectural features or landscaping, creating a more visually pleasing environment.

Outdoor Services:


We have used Automatic Rain for over 10 years for our sprinkler system. They have done good job of Maintaining the sprinkler system and replacing parts when needed. Very Professional, on time and provide good. Value for the money spent.

-Seth Badri

We recently purchased a home in Lexington that has an irrigation system, and we have called on technicians from Automatic Rain to service our equipment. They have responded promptly to our requests, performed their tasks in a professional manner, and took time to explain the system and how it works. We definitely recommend them.

-Les Kovalik

The staff at Automatic Rain have always provided professional and friendly service related to my irrigation system. I would recommend them to anyone seeking irrigation services.

-Michael McCuddy

I have done business with Automatic Rain for a number of years. They are very professional in every way. Their service is excellent. I would certainly recommend them for any lawn services

-Hugh James

Automatic Rain Irrigation is credible, trustworthy, quick to respond and client focused. I highly recommend their services!

-Kimberly Wright
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