Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting serves a dual purpose of enhancing safety and security while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. At Automatic Rain, we provide customized pathway lighting solutions to homeowners across Central Kentucky. We use highly efficient lighting fixtures to create a network of well-lit paths around your home.

Let’s make nighttime movement across your property safer and more comfortable. Book an appointment with us today.

pathway lighting

Benefits of Pathway Lighting:

Maintenance Program:

Protect your lighting investment with a preventative maintenance program to keep your system running for years to come
Regular maintenance to your landscape lighting system is essential to ensure your lights are working and looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. To ensure your lighting system is performing it’s best, we offer a semi-annual maintenance program so you won’t have to worry about requesting service. Each spring and fall, our service technician will perform a full inspection of your system. We strongly recommend our maintenance program to protect the beauty and functionality of your low voltage lighting system.

Semi-Annual Visit

Each spring and fall, our service technician will perform a full inspection of your system

Bulb Replacement

Inspect each lamp & replace faulty LED bulbs. For bulbs under warranty, there will be no additional charge for the replacement

Fixture Adjustments

Reposition fixtures to accommodate changes in landscape. Adjust and straighten fixtures that have been bumped or buried. If necessary, trim plants that are obstructing the light

Service Lights

Clean fixtures and lenses. Over time a film can develop on the lens that will need to be cleaned for better optimization

Lighting Wire

Ensure all lighting wires are buried and re-bury if needed

Transformer Inspection

Check voltage and ensure connections at the tap are cleaned of debris or insects

Timer / Photocell Check

Adjust timer for optimum energy savings and reset for daylight savings if necessary. If applicable, photocells will be cleaned and tested

Repair Estimate

Our technician will carefully and thoroughly inspect your lighting system to ensure it’s working properly. They will adjust fixtures and replace bulbs as needed, but will create a proposal for defective light fixtures, transformers, timers and photocells that need to be replaced. Recommendations to improve the lighting system will also be added to the proposal.

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