System Start-Up

Variable Kentucky weather does not allow for irrigation systems to be left on year round. Each Spring your irrigation system will need to be turned back on for the growing season. Automatic Rain Irrigation suggests turning your system on in April or May.
Our technician will perform a number of services during the Spring Start-Up.
1. Back Flow Test – Most municipalities require a Back Flow Test each year. Our certified technicians will perform a test on your Back Flow, fill out the paper work, and fax the form into your water department.

2. System Inspection – Our technician will carefully and thoroughly inspect each piece of your system to ensure they are working properly and giving your lawn and landscaping adequate coverage. They will adjust heads as needed, but will create a proposal for any heads that require straightened, raised, or replaced. Leaks, relocation of heads, clock and valve repairs will also be added to the proposal for repair work at a later date.

3. Setting Your Clock – In early spring, our technicians will set your clock to the appropriate watering schedule, but will leave the clock in the “off” position. After the last threat of frost, our technicians leave the clock in the “on” position, unless otherwise noted.

When you are ready to start your irrigation system started each season, please call our office to schedule a Spring Start-Up. Please call 7-10 days prior to needing your system started as our schedule is typically booked a week in advance.

Prior to service, please ensure the water company has turned on your water if it had been turned off for winter.

Frost before after Start-Up

It is common to experience an early frost after your system has been turned on for the season. Frost will not affect your system, but a hard freeze can. If a hard frost is predicted, ensure your system is set to run a full cycle that night. The running water through your system during the coldest part of the night will help prevent pipes from breaking.

Do-It-Yourself Spring Start-Up

If you would prefer to start up your system each year, you may. You will still need to have a licensed technician perform your back flow test for the water company (Automatic Rain Irrigation Technicians are certified and most plumbers are as well). While starting up your system, if you experience any problems, please call our office at 859.268.4214.